Rafiya a native of Augusta Georgia is a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner. Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Arizona is were she earned a degree in Transformational Psychology and Spiritual Studies. Rafiya specializes in Emotional Health and Energy Healing. She feels that emotional health is connected to your physical health and healing. Rafiya believes no matter how devoted you are to a proper diet, lifestyle and relationships, you will not achieve your body’s highest potential of healing, preventative powers or goals if emotional barriers stand in your way.


Rafiya’s practice consists of a three part process which she combines to give her clients the best opportunities to heal. With the use of Transformational Psychology, Energy Healing and Automatic Writing she’s able to consult the soul, reactivate the body and transform the mind. Rafiya uses her extraordinary gift of automatic writing to transmit energy from the session onto a canvas. It’s a wonderful art piece from the subconscious for clients to take with them. .


Rafiya is passionate about her services because to her healing starts from within. When the subconscious is allowed to intervene it gives form to things deeply unconscious.

Expressions from the automatic writing are conscious things blended together. What ultimately fascinates Rafiya and her clients is that there is an interaction or an identification that comes from somewhere quite unreachable known to mind. Manifestations of her art are faces, numbers, messages in the form of words, directional paths, suggestive healing, hieroglyphs and so much more. Ultimately the client or spectator will have a personal connection.